Quick Cheat-Sheet For Choosing Commercial Cleaning Services

Office cleaning is a specialized job. If you are facility manager or supervisor, you cannot trust any random service for the work. Back in the past, businesses wasted their time and energy in hiring cleaners on the payroll. Today, most companies prefer getting professional cleaning services that can manage most tasks for a monthly fee. Wondering how to find a reliable service? Below are some essential aspects that you must consider.

Understand your needs

Every office space is unique and requires custom attention. Unlike other offices, you may need more services beyond dusting and floor cleaning. Such tasks include periodical cleaning of upholstery, carpets and hardwood floors. Before you look for services that deal in commercial cleaning Melbourne, make a list of your requirements, which will help in evaluating different options. Also, the cleaning timing is critical. Ideally, the entire maintenance and upkeep work should be completed before or prior to business hours.

Find a few names

Most businesses rely on industry contacts to find reliable cleaning services. If you can ask your friends and colleagues, it’s always helpful. Alternatively, you can also check on the web and find a list of top-rated services. Read reviews from other customers and businesses before you shortlist a few options.

Discussing your cleaning requirements

Probably by now, you have found at least a few companies, but how can you compare them? Well, we have enlisted a few steps for help.

  • Ask references. If a cleaning service claims great things about their work, they must be able to offer references of their clients in your area. Call up a few of these customers to know the kind of experience they have had so far.
  • Check the basics. Is the company licensed? Do they have an office? Many companies just take contracts for selling to subcontractors, so make sure that you aren’t dealing with a sham service. If possible, ask your manager to pay a visit to the office of shortlisted services.
  • Request a quote. Getting an estimate in advance reduces the chances of hidden costs and charges. The price you get should be inclusive of everything, including cleaning supplies and regular inclusions and taxes.
  • Read the terms and conditions. Service contracts can be confusing. Regardless of the price, a cleaning service is expected to be transparent with the terms and related aspects. Don’t miss on checking for the extent of liability compensation in case of damages.
  • Insurance is essential. A commercial cleaning company must have both general insurance and worker’s compensation insurance. Workplace injuries can happen anytime, and you don’t want to deal with the losses and medical expenses later.

  • Assistance matters. What kind of additional services can a service provide? Can they take up emergency cleaning jobs? What kind of support do they offer for regular complaints?
  • The hiring process is also essential. While talking to commercial cleaning services Melbourne, try to understand their overall screen and hiring process for employees. This will help in reducing thefts and other concerns at work.

Start looking for a few services right away!