Essential Online Services for Business

Modern commerce is striding into the digital world and with the Internet providing the platform, any small business can reach a global market. Cloud based solutions allow for online data storage, but along with the benefits, this digital highway suddenly presents a potential threat to your company by allowing a virus or malware to infect your computers. Online security is as critical for the corporate level as it is for the one man show, and with emails being a common method to transmit harmful viruses, your inbox could be the back door to disaster.

Software Solutions

Leading edge products, such as Mailcleaner will monitor your incoming email and only allow specified messages to go into your inbox. Any emails that do not fall into the category are quarantined, and any known virus is immediately isolated to prevent the risk of infection. This system offers the business owner total protection, and with anti-spam settings, you can filter out 99% of all unsolicited emails.

Cloud Based Protection

This is the ideal way to ensure that your data is secure, as everything is intercepted prior to arriving in your inbox, and anything unrecognised is put to one side, while any known harmful file is immediately quarantined. Mailcleaner offer a cloud based solution at a reasonable price, which is directly connected to how many inboxes you wish to protect. Customised solutions make the product ideal for any type of business, big or small.

Virus Protection

Many harmful viruses are transported via email, and are typically disguised as an attachment. There might be a header that invites you to click on the attachment, and inside there is an .exe file and once that has been activated by a double click, your hard drive is infected.


The scourge of any inbox, spam can be effectively controlled with the right software and by dealing with a professional developer that provides a solid line of protection, your business will always be protected. The software works by diverting mail that normally goes to your mail server to their own server, where the software will filter all of your incoming mail, while protecting you against virus attacks. The Internet marketing industry has created ingenious ways to reach the consumer’s inbox, which requires some serious filtering, and for many people, clearing out the spam is a daily occurrence.

Easy Installation

There are no configuration changes to be made if you wish to have your inbox protected, as it is achieved by changing the MX record in your domain. The MX tells other mail servers where to direct your mail, so with this simple alteration, your incoming email goes through the anti-spam server before being sent on to you. The user face is clear and professional and allows the user to configure their preferred filter settings, and if you should ever like to know what has been quarantined, you can bring that information onto your screen instantly.

Data security and spam filtering are both essential for any online business, and with so many new harmful viruses being launched every day, it makes sense to protect your crucial data.