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Business April 29, 2017

If you happen to be in the Houston Texas area and are in need of having an event that is of a more professional business setting, a corporate catering event, then I would recommend that you give Goode Co. Catering a call and let them know all the details... Read more
New to Online Retail Tech? Here’s What You Need to Know
More and more people are deciding to move their operations from a traditional brick and mortar store into the realm of online retail. While it has become a larger and larger part of the retail pie, there are some things about selling your goods through a website portal that... Read more
Social Media Marketing – A veritable tool for Restaurants
Recently, a consulting client of mine who is a close friend asked me the reason why there is so much noise about social media marketing in the publications of the industry. At first I was in a state of consternation, but after a moment of ponder I realized that... Read more
Everything You Need To Know About Customized Business Checks
As a new business or startup, your first concern is to get the attention of customers, vendors and other relevant parties. No wonder, you need to start the process of marketing as soon as possible. Even a few years back, marketing was all about direct promotions. In the current... Read more
How To Create A Beautiful Space For Dairy Cattle And Create Profitable Business
 Just like any other business in the world, dairy has a great potential and can help you make some really huge money if you keep the basics right. There are tens of thousands of people who make their living by doing this business, and there many thousand people who... Read more
Digital Storage – It makes Perfect Sense
Have you ever considered just how much space your filing cabinets take up? A quick walk around the office might surprise you, and without all the filing cabinets, think what you could do? The digital world allows us to make the transition to electronic storage, and with no more... Read more
Top Tips to Help You Choose the Right Heat Exchanger
Heat exchange units are a type of equipment used that transfers heat, usually between fluids. Heat exchanging units are commonly found in refrigeration and air conditioning units, sewage treatment, gas processing, and even cooling combustion engines. This makes exchangers highly adept at maintaining internal temperatures, which is why choosing... Read more
4 Aspects Of Choosing A Company For Custom Racing Components
The racing industry is all about customized vehicles, and there are many companies that deal in custom components, including stainless steel mandrel bends and exhaust systems and headers. If you are an engine builder or need custom components for your racing team, it’s important that you choose a reliable... Read more
Tips for Ordering Plastic Security Seals
Security seals are generally used in a wide variety of different applications, and are commonly required by many different businesses. It’s basically a simple mechanism used for sealing any container before it’s shipped to prevent tampering. In case the seal is broken, you will know that somewhere along the... Read more
What Are Some Simple Ways To Make Your Office Space Appear Much Bigger?
When you are working with limited space in an office, people might feel claustrophobic or demotivated. This is something that can be extremely harmful to your business and you need to take steps to make sure that this changes. You might not be able to afford to move to... Read more