Tips for Ordering Plastic Security Seals

Security seals are generally used in a wide variety of different applications, and are commonly required by many different businesses. It’s basically a simple mechanism used for sealing any container before it’s shipped to prevent tampering. In case the seal is broken, you will know that somewhere along the shipping route the container was tampered with and the contents inside were checked. Businesses generally use security seals to maintain transparency between their customers. In case the seal was opened, you can just return the products.

It’s also a simple way of detecting contamination or theft, whether deliberate or accidental. Security seals are quite commonly used for securing large trailers, chemical drums, and other types of shipping containers. Since most businesses have to ship inventory on a regular basis, these plastic security seals are an incredibly affordable way for businesses to ensure that the products reach their destination with minimal hassle. Since shipping is such a vital requirement in almost every business entity, you will need to buy security seals and use them when shipping goods from one place to another. Here are some basic tips that will help you out when buying security seals.

Order from a Reputable Manufacturer/Supplier

Many companies that manufacture these security seals also have their own divisions for selling and distribution. Rather than buy through a middleman who will charge his own commission on the purchase, it would be better if you purchase the seals directly from the source. It will help you save a great deal of money, especially if you place orders in bulk. There are many local companies in Australia that currently supply security seals. These seals are tamper-proof, so once it is broken or opened, you cannot reseal it again. There are many different types of security seals that you can choose from as well.

For starters, you can opt for custom printed security seals which include your company’s name or logo, or a small warning message that you might want to print on the seal. There are looping security seals, tear off seals, and wind in meter seals, so you have to first read through the description of every type of seal and then decide which is the best option for you. Conventional security seals are available in a multitude of different colours, so you can also contrast with the colour of the shipping container.

Ordering in Bulk

These seals are quite cheap and affordable, so it’s generally recommended that you order in bulk. Most companies usually offer trade discounts for orders that exceed a certain limit, which means you could easily get a serious discount if you order in bulk once. If you run out of security seals during your shipping run, you will probably have to halt shipping until more seals arrive at the warehouse. Therefore it’s always wise to have some extra stock at hand. Ordering the seals in bulk will also reduce your costs by a significant margin and make it easy for you to maximise your company’s profitability.