If you happen to be in the Houston Texas area and are in need of having an event that is of a more professional business setting, a corporate catering event, then I would recommend that you give Goode Co. Catering a call and let them know all the details of your event, they can help you book and find your banquet hall with their extensive history you will feel safe that forty years of experience are backing you up, in those forty years the folks at Goode Co. Catering have perfected the art of mesquite BBQ.

When it comes to corporate catering you need to remember that the folks at Goode Co. Catering work on a first come first serve basis so keeping that in mind you need not delay your actions and book your event as far in advance as you can, if you want to book on a holiday or on a weekend day definitely make sure to let them know as far in advance as possible on account that those days fill up the fastest and remember that the warmer months are also very popular for outdoor events. Goode Co. Catering takes into account the fact that some events needs years of planning to make happen so if you already know what dates your event will take place in years ahead of time be sure to let Goode Co. Catering know that ahead of time and keep a line of communication open so that you can make sure to keep Goode Co. Catering updated on the number of guests and what you would like for your menu items to be, and also keep in mind that if delivery is the way that you want to go with your events food you need to give a minimum of forty eight hours in advance in order to get your food delivered but again the more time the better as getting your order late can mean that you will not have a full selection of menu items based on availability.

Many people have asked in the past if Goode Co. Catering can accommodate the dietary needs of some and the answer is yes Goode Co. Catering offers a variety of alternate menu options, remember that it is important to keep your guests dietary needs so make sure to ask the people coming to your event that if they have any special needs they need to announce what those are. Goode Co. Catering also highly recommends that you keep in mind food that is prone for allergies to not be included in an event that will be held in a corporate setting so as to avoid any unpleasant mistakes. Another popular question that a lot of people ask is whether or not Goode Co. Catering has a liquor license and yes all of their bartenders are certified and can serve alcoholic beverages to your guests if you choose to buy the premium packages of the corporate catering services you can even customize the types of beer that are available to you.