The Importance of Screening and Vetting Services

There are countless situations when a person, or indeed a company, should be screened or vetted and there are professional companies online that can carry out any number of background checks for employers and landlords who require verification of some sort. There might be a charity, for example, who regularly use volunteers to work with children or the elderly, and in that working environment, you need to be absolutely certain that the volunteer is there for all the right reasons.

Tenant Screening

For a landlord, handing over an expensive and well-furnished property to a complete stranger is not something they relish, and despite being a good judge of character, you really can’t be sure who you are dealing with unless you carry out a CRB check, which has now merged to form the DBS check. You might want some verification of the new tenant’s financial status, and with a tailored package, you only pay for what you need.

Special Employment Circumstances

There are times when an employment applicant should have an enhanced DBS check carried out, which would typically include the following:

  • Voluntary workers
  • Working with Children
  • Working with the elderly or disabled
  • Accessing sensitive data

An enhanced DBS check would reveal any convictions, spent or unspent, as it would be unsuitable for certain people to work in some environments.

International Workers

If you are thinking of hiring a foreigner, which many companies do, it is nice to know about their background, and the right company can carry out an international DBS check, which will look into the applicant’s history in their home country.

The Right to Work

If you are a UK based employer, you must be very careful and avoid hiring anyone who is an illegal immigrant, and the only way to be sure that the applicant is legally allowed to work in Great Britain is to carry out a Right to Work check, which will soon establish their legal status.

Verifying for a Relationship

Many people are wary when they meet someone that interests them, and in this case, it is possible to carry out a number of checks to determine the real background of your potential new partner. There are so many stories of people who led a double life for many years, and if there are people who do that, they must be very clever and careful and only a professional check would expose them.

Professional Service

The company that would carry out this type of background check would have all the right connections, and with bespoke packages available, you would not have to pay for something you do not require, and regular clients would no doubt receive discounts on all screening contracts.

All of the above can be completed online, and with a secure online payment, your certificate will be on its way and you will have peace of mind, knowing that the person is genuine.