Employee Engagement to Secure the Trust of Your Staff

Employee engagement is crucial to the successful running and growth of any business, no matter the industry it is within. Employees who are engaged with the management, company, their colleagues and the wider goals of the business are more likely to be effective in their roles, committed to the cause and productive as a result.

In order to feel engaged there are three factors that generally come into play for employees of a company. Firstly, they want to have a good relationship with their immediate manager. In most cases, people leave jobs not because of dissatisfaction with the specifics of the role, but because they are unhappy on a daily basis with their treatment. Secondly, if an employee is engaged with their company they will have pride in the organisation. This could be in terms of the processes of the workflow in place, or the company ethics and overall plans for the business. Thirdly, if there is a belief in the senior team and a support of the bigger picture and how each individual will play a part in reaching long-term goals, you can tell an employee feels engaged.

Creating Ownership and Responsibility

One way to increase employee engagement is to create an environment where they are given responsibility and asked to succeed through their own endeavours (with the support of the company of course). This ensures that should an employee own a task they are responsible for trying to find solutions to any problems and over time there is an increased awareness and effectiveness running throughout the entire team.

Improve Relationships Between Employee and Manager

One of the biggest points of success for employee engagement is between an employee and their immediate manager. It can make the difference between an individual being happy and productive in work, or being miserable, ineffective and want to leave their post. Clear lines of communication should be in place throughout the company with employees understanding where and with whom they can speak about work and personal issues in a safe and private manner. On top of this trust can be built, as well as rewards for good work.

Clear Vision Throughout the Company

Employee engagement can also increase if there is a clear and defined vision for the entire company that comes from the top. If senior management understand what needs to be done to succeed this has to be clearly defined and explained to each departments as a whole, and each individual team member. This offers easier analysis of performance and an ability to quickly see how all aspects of the business are working together for the common good.

Pride from All for Company

A company with good values, a high work ethic and a harmonious atmosphere will be a place that is a joy to work. Employees who feel valued, understand that there is a level of trust placed in them, with clear lines of communication and expectancy across the board, are more likely to produce the goods when asked to perform.