Why Would You Use a Print Management Company and Finding Hidden and Forgotten Print Costs

Why would any organization consider altering to Print Management?

Printing makes up about 1.7% of UK’s GDP that’s nearly 14 Billion. All companies put money into print, with usually several people or department buying their print which a lot of companies are ill-informed of the real price of their total print spend.

Levels of competition are forcing increasingly more companies to pay attention to their core activities, but to be able to focus, some Companies have opted – In some instances after great expense to some Cash Strategy Company – to produce their non-core activities towards the Specialists within their respected fields.

It has enabled these to…

1.Reduce non-core activity costs

2.To concentrate Finances and Infrastructure on Core revenue streams.

3.Exploit exterior skills to assist make sure the business maintains its edge against your competitors.

4.To reply quickly to promote change and chance.

5.To use all Staff to core business

6.To lessen (and often eliminate) purchase of technology, training, recruitment, payroll, NI, etc (Hidden & Forgotten Costs).

This has to be the path to success where every gain is directed right to their Main Point Here.


An astounding 95% of individuals active in the Procurement of Print for SME’s and Multi National Companies, when requested during Print Management surveys, did not know.

These losses are available in areas we at CDP Print Management describe as hidden and forgotten costs. They may be accountable for additional processing costs as high as an additional two pounds – for each pound allocated to print. And could be related to the next areas.

Its staggering to consider how much money that may be wasted simply by not while using right expertise for getting the primary service and product range that CDP Print Management along with other companies offer, included in this are.

Business Vital Print – the look & manufacture of all necessary operational print including letterheads, compliment slips, business card printing, all forms and pads needed, folders, labels, Security Print and all sorts of forms connected needed during the day to day running from the business

Marketing Print – the look & manufacture of all marketing collateral including corporate Literature, colour work, digital print, marketing products, gifts & awards, work put on, signs, building wraps, exhibition stands, etc

Security Print – the look & manufacture of every aspect of Security Print including Transactional Print services for billing, payroll print and payroll production services, and appointment mailings, cheque design & production, passes and ID cards, entry cards, etc.

Junk Mail – the look & manufacture of personalised mailings and suggestions about the most affordable designs and formats to make use of, fulfilment services, goods despatch, pick & pack, Postage Discounts, etc.

Labels – the look & manufacture of all label needs either as marketing or legal, including labels that has to be luminous or Braille, and labels that has to withstand heavy use and become weather-resistant.

Print Management services – embracing the entire print and related services required to fulfil the requirements of the customer. Including services for example Webalogues, Stock Control, Warehousing, Pick and Pack, Call offs, Delivery, Artwork, Design, Asset Management, Storage (Including Archival and Retrieval), Reporting and Print Consultancy. Most services now are anticipated to be shown with the web, either direct or via a portal, and reporting to the customer in lots of formats has become standard.

Good Print Management Companies offer product fact sheets and samples on the suggestions above products

CDP Print Management offer prospects free reviews by utilization of a no obligation ‘Health Check’ of existing form’s needs.

In addition to identifying savings in publications costs, specialised stock holding and control system will most likely cut costs too. Work place is simply too valuable a good thing down the sink holding stocks of stationery that do not have any immediate use, releasing clients space on the floor for many more lucrative use.

In the finish during the day, time is money! Everybody running a business has lots of other responsibilities besides sourcing print and stationery, getting quotes, placing orders and keeping track of stocks.

When it is about security printing in your organization, you need to choose a company that offers managed print services. These services will ensure that the resources are used efficiently and that the overhead printing costs are minimized while the security of data and documents being printed is maintained.