Why Use a Spam Cleaning Tool?

Email marketing has become an incredibly effective tool in this day and age for promoting a particular product. However, while email marketing certainly has its benefits, many people use it in a negative way. When email was first introduced to the world, it completely changed the way people communicated with each other. It provided users with a platform through which they could communicate with each other from anywhere in the world. Today, email is used widely all across the globe in a variety of different activities.

Perhaps the biggest impact that email has had is in the corporate world. Millions of emails are exchanged on a daily basis in different offices and industries. However, every time you open your official email, do you also notice the numerous ads that land in your inbox? Spam mails are commonly sent by marketing companies to entire networks of private companies, and many of these emails contain viruses. If someone opens the spam mail, it could allow the virus to spread on the entire network. Obviously, you can’t expect every employee to have a sound understanding of how to spot spam mails. In many cases, these emails are designed to entice the user into opening the email. They often contain links to amazing discounts and offers and just require you to open the link. As soon as you open the link, the virus will spread throughout your network. Using a spam cleaning tool such as Mailcleaner, is very important to keep your email spam free. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider using a spam cleaning tool.

Separate Server

When you decide to sign up for a mail cleaning tool, they are going to create a separate server on which the tool will be hosted. This way, all of the mail that is directed to any email ID on your network will first pass through the spam cleaning tool. It’s going to be properly checked and filtered before being forwarded to your company’s server. This makes it very easy to spot threats and filter out emails that are designed to cause harm to your network. It also greatly improves the security of your server and minimises the risk of harmful threats and emails entering your company’s network.

Improved Productivity

When you think about it, you will realise that a significant amount of time is wasted on a daily basis in simply cleaning the email inbox. On average, most employees spend an average of 30 minutes a day cleaning their email inboxes and making sure that only relevant emails remain. The process of sifting often takes a long while, so it’s recommended that you install a powerful spam cleaning tool on your network in order to get rid of all the spam that accumulates over time. This will help improve productivity within the office environment and make it easier for your employee to work efficiently and waste less time while they are in the office.