What Makes a Good Franchisor?

Are you planning to purchase a franchise? Do you have a business in mind already? Yes, if you are not sure whether you can successfully operate a business or if you don’t have enough funds, buying a franchise should be the next option. Franchises can be considered as more affordable compared when you set up a raw business.

But you have to end up with a reliable franchisor to make your franchise a success. What should be the traits of a franchisor?

Exceptional communication

Communication is always the best tool to pave the way of any relationship and this should be one of the first things to look for from your franchisor.

The ability to listen

A communication will be useless if the other party does not learn how to listen and will just talk. There are really times when you can’t even respond to a person because after he talks, he just exits. Be sure not to end up with someone like this.


Every franchisee would rather they deal with a franchisor that is consistent with his imposed rules. No matter if that rule is too strict, at least they will have time to get used to them. But if they are constantly changing, they will have a hard time adjusting to these rules then.


Yes, it would be best if the franchisor is also passionate about running the business aside from making money only. If this will be transparent to the franchisees, they will become more motivated as well.


Whatever the situation is, honesty will always be valued. When the franchisor is honest and practices transparency to his franchisees, business will surely be better.

A supportive attitude

Yes, it would be great indeed if the franchisor is supportive to his franchisees. Sometimes, franchisees really need this and they will feel greatly welcomed if they are well-supported by their franchisors.


He must be A1 in leadership as he has a lot to lead. He must show to his franchisees that he can change their lives and he can make their businesses grow.

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