Waterproof Roofing: Do It the Right Way

The roofing industry has always tried to look for ways in which the quality of the roofs can be improved and the lifespan can be increased. This quest has led them straight to bitumen. Bitumen is no magic product that has been developed in a lab recently. In fact, it is an engineering material with a 5,000 year long history. The roofing industry is today fascinated by this material because of its ability create watertight structures and face the natural elements.

So what is bitumen? Bitumen is a mixed substance that is made up of highly sticky and viscous organic liquids. They are popularly used to make waterproof roofs. Modified bitumen membrane by Canada is used to make roofs of commercial and residential properties.

The benefits of such modified bitumen membranes are:

  • They make your roofs durable. Bitumen membranes have high tensil strength. Bitumen like rubber has lot of elasticity and the memory to return back to its original form after being stretched. This means where the other products may break or crack, bitumen membranes remain as it making last longer.

  • They make your roof waterproof. Bitumen have historically been used as a waterproofing agent. They have a proven track record of being used successfully to waterproof water tank areas. So a roof made from bitumen will be water resistant which will reduce the damage caused to the roof by water.
  • Bitumen has higher resistance of natural elements. The membrane can take more amount of heat, storm, extreme winters, etc as compared to other roofing solutions which makes it more resistant. They are also able to tolerate more fluctuations in temperatures and climates. They can easily expand and contract depending on the temperatures.
  • They can be used for flat roof as well as low sloping roofs easily.
  • It is also easy to maintain and repaid bitumen waterproof roofs.
  • Bitumen membranes do not emit any harmful fumes or carcinogenic content after mixing with water or after facing extreme heat. This makes the membrane very safe and eco-friendly to be used in today’s world.

It is also easy and hassle free to install bitumen waterproof roofs. They can be done using torch method, asphalts, or cold adhesives as need be. There is not a lot of tinkering that needs to be done which makes the whole process less distractive than getting a new roof done.