Three Surprising Office Additions to Make Your Business More Efficient

If your office is like many I have worked at, it has a bunch of cubicles where people sit around bored all day trying to avoid getting any work done. Sure, they look busy when the boss comes around, but that is all just for show. The reality is they are only really engaged if they are shopping online or playing their favorite video game.

This is not great for you if you are the owner of the business. You need to add something that will make the business peons work harder so you can sit back in that corner office and count your cash. While not everything on our little list here is as efficient as getting the latest and greatest gadget that provides paper shredding at a fraction of the cost, they all help. What is more important, they might actually entice your workers to get a bit of work done while they are in the office. That alone would make them worth the investment.

Adjustable Height Desks

We all know that sitting around all day, even if you are playing your favorite video game, is not exactly good for you. Being still is not a natural position for human beings, and sitting at a video screen looking at numbers is really not our natural environment. That is why many offices are installing desks that can be lowered or raised as the person needs, to allow them to stand some of the time while working.

They can adjust it for either position and the keyboard and monitor shift with them. This means that you can have really productive employees who are happy and score big time on their video games or while shopping online at for new high heels. Of course, you won’t get any more work out of them then you do now, but at least they won’t throw spit balls at your picture when you aren’t in the office, as they will be too busy trying to shift their desks up or down to have time.

Magnets that Look Like App Buttons

Okay, so these are not too likely to make your office any more efficient, but they might look nicer at least! I have been seeing these little square magnets pop up on office fridges, filing cabinets and anywhere else that magnets might cling.

They are colorful, remind us all that we need to head back to our office to compete in our favorite game online and give you the impression we are thinking about work. Even if we are simply drinking coffee and avoiding it. And after all, isn’t looking busy half the battle?

You’ve Got Mail!

Do you remember that phrase? If so then you are older then you are admitting! If you are tired of always needing to actually go into your email to see if you have any new messages, we have you covered. It is a USB stick that is in the shape of an envelope (remember those old snail mail things?) and lights up when you have a new text or email message.

For some of us that means it is always lit up, but hey you may just be obsessive enough to check each time. And it will make you look busy when the boss man comes around. Well, unless you are the boss man, in which case you don’t need to look busy but you can at least look cool.