Three Smart Marketing Ideas You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Whether you are the proud owner of a mom and pop neighborhood business or a hi-tech start-up, marketing will always be key to your survival. But knowing how to market what you have to offer is never easy. What once worked well could now be the death toll of your marketing plans if it has become old hat. Trends shift faster than the winds in a cyclone these days, and keeping up with what works to stay in touch with your client base can be tricky. But we have three marketing concepts that are easy to do, smart to keep up and always in style. Try them on for size, walk around the room admiring their fit and then make them your own.

Email Marketing Remains King

No matter how much we all complain about getting too many emails in our inbox, we still continue to sign up for more newsletters, stay on top of the latest gossip with our favorite blog posts and follow links to see the next big thing. Because email feels so personal, it continues to be the one thing you can count on. But what you send in that email newsletter is important.

If your clients sell housing material that includes plastic molding, then having an easy to follow piece such as a simple guide to plastic molding in your next newsletter will be useful and well liked. Sending informative pieces that help your clients is always the best route to take with any marketing, but particularly when it comes to your email marketing plans. Make a schedule that includes everything from funny stories to informative guides and make sure it is always timely. This way your clients will look forward to your emails instead of simply trashing them the moment they appear in their inbox.

Blogs That Show Off Your Expertise

One of the things you have that others don’t is your knowledge of your business. You are, after all, an expert in your own field. This is the perfect subject for your company blog, and it is the smart business owner who knows this. It doesn’t matter what your business is; you have some great inside views of it that will make interesting and informative reading for your blog.

So, share that expertise and make sure Google knows that you know so much. The search engine giant loves it when your site shares knowledge because it makes you an authority on that one subject. Whether it is sharing your secret to how your fudge is so tasty to explaining how a carburetor in your cars at the lot work, share that knowledge on a blog that highlights your expertise.

Make It Mobile

These days you can’t really succeed at a web-based business if your site isn’t mobile-friendly. As more and more potential customers move to the smartphone platform for online shopping, you need to be sure they can see your site and best of all buy from it. Even if all they are doing is catching up on the latest blog post or finding out if that very popular color of jeans is back in stock, make sure it can be read on their mobile device. That mobile phone is the future of business of all types, so be sure it includes you.