The Many Reasons Why Aluminium Composite Panels Are a Good Choice

You might have noticed that an increasing number of new buildings that are being constructed around Australia now feature aluminium composite panels. These panels can be placed on the exterior of the interior walls of the building and can also be hung on the ceiling on any floor. A number of contractors and developers have signed deals with different companies that manufacture aluminium composite panels and it looks to be the latest trend in building construction. However, most people don’t even know why aluminium composite panels have become so popular.

Why Aluminium?

Aluminium is one of the most commonly used metals on this earth. It is extremely lightweight and is found in abundance across the planet. Aluminium isn’t just lightweight but it is also tremendously durable and quite strong. It is because of these reasons that aluminium is used in different industries such as aviation. Airplanes need to be strong and lightweight in order to get off the ground. That is why aluminium and magnesium alloys are generally the most popular choice in airplane construction. They show off fantastic mechanical properties despite having such a lightweight structure. Naturally, aluminium is a good fit for building construction. The panels offer a plethora of benefits that you don’t get with conventional materials, making them an excellent choice. Now, here are just some of the many reasons why aluminium composite panels are such a popular choice.

Fire Resistance

Fire breakouts are quite common, especially in closed buildings. If you take a look around your room, you will be able to point out several different flammable objects within a few seconds. That is why building councils and associations around the country have passed a variety of different laws and guidelines that contractors must follow. These are designed to minimise chances of fire breakouts. Aluminium composite panels in Melbourne are resistant to fire in the toughest standards and can dramatically improve the safety rating of any building.

Weathering and Resistance to Chemicals

Composite materials are generally recycled. Mixed with aluminium (which has excellent atmospheric resistant properties), these panels can improve the useful life of any building by a significant margin. Aluminium composite panels have excellent weathering properties and are able to perform very well when exposed to the harsh Australian air.


Aluminium composite panels also have excellent insulating properties. They are not only able to provide thermal insulation but you will also get noise insulation as well. If the building is situated on a busy street or road, the aluminium composite panels will offer significant insulation against the noise from outside. In office buildings, this is very important since the noise from the traffic can cause a great deal of distraction in the workplace. Naturally, the thermal insulation offered from the buildings will also reduce your utility expenditures and bring down your utility costs on a month by month basis. As you can see, aluminium composite panels are definitely a wise choice for use in modern buildings nowadays.