Our Increasingly Litigious Society: Protecting Yourself from the Vicissitudes of This Day and Age

A wise man once said “If you have ten thousand regulations, you destroy all respect for the law.” This is especially true nowadays as the world is flooded with frivolous lawsuits and ridiculous claims on a daily basis. However, certain sections of the legal system are supported by a seemingly infinite number of legal precedents, which serve as models for future court proceedings and outcomes. This is particularly true in the field of family law in Australia, which tends to feature a lot of heartfelt and sentimentally charged situations.

Any reputable family law firm will inform you of how important it is to adhere to legal stipulations in any contentious scenario, particularly with regard to Australia’s justice system, which features six states and two territories with independent legislative powers. As you might imagine, insulating yourself from legal transgressions is hard to do without the right professional assistance. This brief article will outline the importance of today’s attorneys, especially with regard to the field of familial law.

Modern Family Law Services

It has been said that it’s not about how big the house is but rather how happy the home is. If you reach your wit’s end with regard to your spousal relationship, it’s time to salvage whatever you can from the marriage, particularly if children are caught in the mix. Over 50% of marriages end in divorce and the numbers rise each year worldwide. Anyone who has been through such a situation will tell you how important is to have a caring and compassionate attorney by your side.

From overly argumentative situations such as the division of assets and the termination of parental rights to less intense mediations, such as facilitating an adoption or identifying a long-lost paternity connection, today’s family lawyers are quite versatile and multitalented. The most trustworthy law firms also handle situations involving child neglect, custody, spousal support, protection from abuse, and a host of other nuanced scenarios, the most prevalent of which tends to be child support scenarios.

Child Support Law

As any reputable family lawyer will tell you, these situations all start with a child support order from a judge. This order stems from two core principles: your child has a legal right to financial support from both parents and each parent has a legal obligation to support his or her child. Your attorney will then help facilitate the paternity tests, especially if one party is contesting the relation to the child. During the court proceedings, several factors will be taken into account as the judge deliberates the amount of financial support required by each parent. The designated residence of the child, the income stream of both parents, the cost of the child’s education or daycare, and each parent’s other legal obligations will all be addressed during the decision-making process. As you might imagine, this is a very labour-intensive situation full of paperwork, rigid guidelines, and combative exchanges in court.

Finding the Perfect Legal Advocate

When it comes to making a personal choice as important as selecting the proper attorney, you need to feel comfortable with your final decision. This involves scouring the Internet for client testimonials, lawyer biographies, fields of specialisation, past court outcomes, and hourly rates. As you begin creating your shortlist of the best local legal firms, you should also plan on scheduling a few in-person consultations as well.