How to Use Instagram for Retail Businesses

With 1 billion active users per month, Instagram has proven to be a great platform to market your products. In addition, it helps businesses grow their brand and boost sales with their online presence. Whether you sell clothing, accessories, books, or electronics, your products should add value to your customers’ lives.

However, the art of influencing your customers can take your business to the next level! Instagram has made it easier for retail businesses to build trust and maintain a relationship with their customers. In this article, we will explain to you how your business account on Instagram can help you run your business successfully.

Using Instagram for Retail Businesses

We have compiled a list of ways to make use of Instagram to implement your marketing strategies for selling products online:

Create a Business Account

While Instagram allows its users to create an account of two different types, you should go for a business account. If you already have a personal account, then it is best to switch to a business account by visiting your Settings.

Know Your Target Audience

First, you need to map out your target audience’s preferences and interests to see if they align with the products offered by your business. Next, evaluate the needs of your existing followers to figure out trends and patterns of your audience.

Defining your audience on Instagram is a simple and easy process. Visit Insights to understand where your followers are coming from. Plus, it allows you to assess your brand’s performance by reviewing your audience’s engagement on your Instagram posts.

Once you know your audience’s age, location, gender, and even their active hours on Instagram, you can use these metrics to target potential customers for selling your products. You can also conduct a demographic survey, as it will generate responses containing all the information you need to understand your customers on a deeper level. You can include the following questions in your surveys:

  • What do you do for a living?
  • What is your marital status?
  • What is your total household income?
  • What is your qualification?
  • What is your monthly income?
  • How much are you willing to pay for specific products?

To encourage your customers to fill out the survey, you can host a contest or a giveaway in exchange for their responses.

Turn Your Instagram Feed into a Shop

Now that you have a clear idea about your audience, it’s time to transform your existing Instagram feed into a shoppable feature. With Instagram Shopping, you can put your product catalog along with the pricing on your Instagram account.

Additionally, it allows you to add a maximum of 5 tags on each post with your product. So, even if your followers are scrolling through their Instagram news feed and your product post appears on their screens, all they need to do is tap the View Products icon on the bottom left corner of your post. It will display the product’s name, price, and description. Upon tapping the post again, it will direct the viewers to your brand’s Instagram store containing all your products.

If you are facing troubleshooting issues with your internet connection while uploading your product posts on Instagram, reach out to HughesNet servicio al cliente.

Add Stories Regularly

Posting Instagram stories can help you gauge your audience’s attention. You can make use of this feature to share behind the scenes of your products’ photoshoots, screenshots of your customer reviews, video tutorials on how to use your products, and even highlights of how your products are being prepared for delivery.

To make them appear aesthetically appealing, stick to a color scheme for your Instagram stories and posts. Make sure you don’t go overboard with filters, as they can make or break the quality of your photos and videos. Moreover, your content should match your brand’s signature style so that your audience could identify your posts among the rest of the brand profiles on Instagram.

To upload your content on time, get connected to HughesNet internet. It delivers just the right speeds for businesses to update their Instagram accounts and respond to their customers’ queries on time.

Wrapping Up

Instagram works wonders in enhancing a business’s online visibility. If you are running a retail business, you can improve your sales by following our expert advice listed above. With the right planning, you can achieve your business goals in no time!