How to Start a Commercial Cleaning Business

Starting a commercial cleaning business often requires just a modest startup investment. This is an industry that provides lots of opportunities for startups to expand their reach to serve more clients and build a strong workforce.  Plus the need for general and niche cleaning is seen to increase in the future.  Below are the steps to take if you are planning to start a commercial cleaning Melbourne.

Know the Services you will Offer

Commercial cleaning services cover a range of specific services so you will have to pick which ones you want to offer to clients. You may want to start with the basics like mopping, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, sweeping and dusting surfaces. Also, you may include cleaning the carpets, power-washing floor or emptying trash cans.

Make a Business Plan

Your business plan must include the services you are planning to offer and the details on building a customer base. Come up with a list of startup costs and marketing expenses. And because you may not earn a significant profit sooner, you need to have plans how your business will survive.

Get a Business License

Visit your area’s registration or licensing department to know the application requirements. Getting licensed is a must for any business to ensure that you don’t break the laws and that your business can continue to operate legally.

Get your Business Insured

There are many things that can happen while operating your business but you will want to particularly secure your business from circumstances beyond your control such as in terms of loss, liability or damage. Your business insurance ensures that you don’t shoulder liability costs.

Equip your Company

While cleaning requires manual labor, you will need cleaning supplies and equipment to ensure high-quality cleaning services to customers. You may have to purchase a vacuum cleaner, a bucket with a wringer, mop and broom. Also, buy dusting cloths, sponges, disinfectants and cleaning agents. If you are looking to include power-washing in your list of services, then you will have to purchase a power washer.

Market your Business

Start by visiting offices and offer managers some pieces of information on how your commercial cleaning services Melbourne work. You can also get your business known by sending emails to people you know. Local phone directories and newspapers ads can also get the word out about your services.

Hire Somebody to Help you

As a startup, you may have to do the cleaning yourself but you can also hire one person to help you. As you business expands, you can start hiring people and train them to perform quality commercial cleaning.