How to Make Sure That You Receive the Best TV Signal

Are you having trouble with your TV signal? Are you experiencing freezes, audio drop-outs, and blockies on your screen? It may seem that the big TV you paid for is pretty useless when it comes to receiving a signal, but it could actually be your antenna and cabling that is to blame!

Our Digital TV World

In the transition from analogue TV to digital TV, we have benefitted greatly. Digital TV has provided us with a lot of choice when it comes to our channel selection. We can now watch channels dedicated to sports, as well as free-to-air channels that feature catch-up TV. We have more TV-watching choices than ever before, but it can be very frustrating when your TV reception is not up to scratch.

The digital TV signal is different from the old analogue TV signal. While it gives us high definition TV, clearer sound, clearer and more detailed pictures, and more data bandwidth, it also means that when we have a poor signal, we get annoying jaggy bits and blocks on the screen, freezes, and drop-outs. This is the last thing you want when you’ve paid a large price for your large-screen LCD TV but can’t enjoy the footy of a weekend without everything freezing up on-screen! So, what are you to do?

Fixing Your Poor TV Reception

If you remember the days of walking around the room with a bent coat hanger trying to get a good analogue TV signal, there is some good news for you – the installation of a modern TV antenna intended for digital signals might just fix your problem! Of course, not too many of us have walked around with those coat hangers lately, due to the advent of digital TV, but we can definitely relate to the frustration involved when we don’t get a good signal.

Fortunately, TV antennas can be installed at affordable process by a technician with plenty of expertise and experience. The following are a few things that you can expect from this type of service:

  • Cabling: Often, the main culprit is the antenna, but in some cases, the cabling needs replacing. Just ask any technician and they will tell you about old cabling they have encountered that needed replacing due to corrosion, cabling that was eaten through by mice, or even cabling that wasn’t even connected to the antenna! Your TV technician will check out the cabling situation in your home and ensure that everything is working as it should.
  • Antenna: Though older antennas will certainly receive digital signals, their shape, size, and even type can seriously affect how good the TV signal reception is. It is always best to have old antennas replaced so that you can be sure that the digital signal you receive will be clean and clear.
  • Extras: If you have a new digital set-top box, did you know that your local TV technician can even help install it and tune it so that you can receive all of those great new digital TV channels?

Don’t simply tolerate poor digital TV reception. Do something about it today and call in a technician from a trusted local company who can get everything fixed for you!