How to Discern a Non-Genuine Dropshipping Supplier?

Before you go in search of the best dropshipping companies in USA, it is essential to understand the difference between legitimate and illegitimate wholesalers. There are retail stores that pose as wholesalers, so how to identify them?

Legitimate dropshipping suppliers have poor marketing skills and are hard to locate. Non-genuine wholesale suppliers are only middlemen that appear in your Google searches, so be careful.

How will you discern whether the dropshipping supplier is genuine?

They will ask for ongoing fees

Genuine wholesalers never charge monthly fees for doing business with them. So, if you are asked monthly service or membership fees then move away.

Tip – There are supplier directories that list the wholesale suppliers that are screened to be legitimate, so they may charge a fee. Don’t confuse this as an illegitimate supplier directory.

They sell directly to the general public

You need to open a wholesale account for gaining access to genuine wholesale prices from the dropshipping supplier like goten. For this, you will need to prove the legitimacy of your business and gain approval. If a wholesale supplier offers products to the public directly at wholesale price then he is a retailer offering merchandise at magnified prices.

Some genuine drop shipping charges you will possibly come across are –

  • Per-order charges – Per-order shipping fees can be charged, depending on item size and shipping complexity. Shipping of single order is higher than shipping bulk orders.
  • Minimum order size – There can be a minimum order size on your first order. It is done to evade window-shopping vendors that waste time and their orders are not meant for business.

Now, you can spot the fake from real, so start searching for legitimate suppliers. Search on Google, attend a trade show, pay for supplier directory, etc. Before you contact dropshipping suppliers make your business legal. Remember the traits of top-notch dropshipping players are expert staff, dedicated support reps, investment in technology, take orders through emails, are organized, and centrally located.