How Plant Hire Can Make Your Project On Time and On Budget

One of the biggest headaches of any developer, and of any construction site manager, is how to ensure that a project runs smoothly, finishes on time (preferably early) and sticks to budget. There are so many variables to consider when putting together a construction project. From the materials to be used, the numbers and types of specialist staff that will be required, budgets, deadlines, planning permission and of course the types of, and amounts of, equipment and machinery that will be required to get the job done.

All of this can be a logistical nightmare but there are ways in which you can take away one of those headaches. By utilising the specialist knowledge of a plant hire company you can go some way to guaranteeing your project will finish on time and on budget. And here’s how.

Set Costs for Duration of Project

If you can ensure the costs are solid and predictable for the duration of your project you are winning a major battle. Plant hire allows you to pay a set cost towards a certain time period or amount of equipment hired. Compared to the costs associated with purchasing equipment, or looking for a specialist piece of equipment once a job has already started and it can make a real difference to your budget.

Maintenance Costs Included

The biggest problem many sites face is when machinery and equipment is faulty, damaged or broken down. Plant hire companies often have maintenance services as part of the deal. This means that should something break down, you’ll be offered on-site maintenance or a replacement as soon as possible, cutting down the effects of lost construction time and money that is felt when something breaks down on site.

Specialist Fleet

Sometimes there will be a requirement for something a little bit more niche than you have as part of your armoury. In those instances the costs to purchase can put a huge dent in your budget, plus there is the time of sourcing the equipment once you’ve realised what it is you need. A plant hire company agreement can cover these last minute requests.

Vast Options

Not only can you find specialist equipment at short notice, but in the first instance, when planning for the project you’ll be able to utilise a vast fleet when coming to an agreement with a plant hire company. Being able to choose from a large selection ensures you have the best machinery and equipment for the tasks at hand, putting things in place early on that will ensure productivity and effectiveness of your staf

The pressures of completing a construction project on time, and within the allocated budget can be stressful for even the most accomplished of developers and site managers. If you are responsible for getting the equipment side of things in place the best thing to do is to look to the knowledge, experience and wide range of choices a plant hire company will afford you, providing you with safe machinery that will complete a job on time.