Few Myths about Moving Service Providers

These days, people change their jobs frequently and hence they have to move to new locations. In order to help such people, many moving companies have come up in the market. However due to few unhappy customers people are quite apprehensive to utilize their services. In this article, we shall try to state few facts against various myths that are circulating around.

All movers are crooks

One may have some unpleasant experience with certain removals company, but that does not mean all of them are same. Before hiring any of them one should make proper enquiry about them particularly from those who have already used their services. Some of them are really doing pretty good job and have very good reputation.

They use same boxes for all items

It is not true however they use mostly cardboard boxes as they are quite durable. In case of fragile items, they make special arrangements while packing them. Make sure that they do not mix up delicate items with other general items, so that your expensive items may not get damaged.

Confusion created with labels

While putting the labels on different boxes make sure that they pack the items as listed in the labels. If you do not take pain while labelling your boxes then it will create confusion at the new location. You must get your item packed in your presence so that you face no problem at your destination.

Finally it is the customers only who has to take all the trouble while moving

As a matter of fact all the movers company provide cardboard boxes, help you while packing them and arrange to load them on the transport. They have dedicated team of people to do various jobs so that they can help you while moving.

You will pay their service charges at the destination

This is not true. In fact, you have to pay them in advance so that they can mobilize their people for loading and unloading the goods. Without money in advance they cannot pay their labourers.

Moving company will compensate you for any damage during transportation

This is also a myth. You need to insure your goods and it is the duty of insurance company to pay you for damages during transportation. Moving company will only provide their support while making your claim.

You have to ride in the transport while moving

It is not absolutely necessary. On the contrary the moving company will feel uncomfortable with your presence and feel that you do not trust them.