Different Factors Included When You Audit Your Website

When you want your business website to perform well and rank as highly as possible for your chosen keywords, you must complete an SEO audit before doing anything else. Doing an audit of your site will show you potential problems and allow you to create a plan of work to fix the most important ones first. An SEO audit will include many things, and you can see some of them listed below so you know the different things it will cover, and the scope of work involved.

An On-Page Audit

When you audit your website, it will look at many on-page factors that can significantly affect your website’s online visibility. There are various on-page factors our website audit will cover, including:

Content Structure – Look at the structure of the content on your website and ensure it is relevant and easy to navigate and find what you need.

Keyword Analysis – Ensure you are targeting the most relevant keywords for your website that can convert into sales for your business.

Meta Data – The Meta Data will look at Page Titles, Heading Tags, and Meta Descriptions and ensure these are relevant and are targeting the correct keywords.

User Experience (UX) – The UX of a website is becoming increasingly vital for your rankings, and you want your website to load quickly and correctly and entice users to spend as much time as possible on your site.

You must also ensure that the content on your website is unique and engaging, and you write it for the user rather than the search engines, and there are other on-page factors you will need to address. You can click here to see more on-page ranking factors that you will need to include on the website audit of your site.

Technical Audit

You will also need to look at your website’s technical aspects, including many factors, to help it rank highly. Some of these vital factors include:

  • XML Sitemap
  • Duplication
  • Crawlability
  • Canonical Tags
  • Indexation Status
  • Redirects
  • txt
  • URL Structure
  • Status Codes

Performing the technical part of the audit will require detailed knowledge and experience, and it is not the type of thing that a novice can do correctly. As such, when you need to have your website audited, it is best to use the services of a reputable digital marketing agency that can help you find all the issues on your site and fix them. Once the on-page and technical audit have been completed and improvements implemented, you can continue marketing your business, and it will be easier to get the desired results.