If you are a freelance writer, you will already know the answer to this ubiquitous question.  At the same time, those of you who have taken the first step to freelance writing might be still dwelling on this very same question. The obvious answer would be yes, writing skills are important indeed. However, your ability to write well is not the only determinant of whether you will turn out to be good at freelance writing.

With quality content being a significant driving force for a website’s visibility, many clients are looking for those who can deliver quality content writing services at an affordable price. Rather than approaching a content writing agency or a content writing company, most clients are now relying on freelance content writers to deliver their writing needs.

Here are some of the necessary skills that clients look for in a freelance writer.

Natural flair for writing

Clients prefer to hire freelance writers who have a natural flair for writing. It is not only important to have great ideas but it is equally important to possess the ability to convey that idea in the best possible manner. For a writer, the words should flow readily. Your piece of writing should beable to convince your reader as much as it convinces you.

Promote yourself well

As a writer, it is crucial that you market yourself well. One of the most popular websites where we can find the best freelance writers isContentmart. Most clients, as well as freelance writers, prefer to register themselves with Contentmart to get their content writing services met with ease. You can easily register with Contentmartand get their content writing services.

For instance, if you are an eBook copywriter and you have registered yourself on Contentmart, then you will find it useful if you specify it as your niche and if you include some previous eBooks you have written in your portfolio. Here is a look at how Contentmart promotes its eBook copywriters.

Deliver on time

It is essential that as a writer, you deliver what is required from you within the stipulated deadline. For this, you need to have proper time management skills. Start your project before it’s too late. Leave enough time to proofread and correct any untoward mistakes before you submit the article.

Do your research

You may think you know well enough about the given topic that you need not do any research at all. Not doing proper research before you start writing can have detrimental effects. Make sure you have got your facts right before you pen them down. While you are at it, make sure you do not plagiarise.


For whatever reasons it may be, you might not want to work for a content writing agency or a content writing company and may prefer to work as a freelance writer. If you want to be a freelance writer, it would be wise to remember that while writing skills are important, so are the other above-mentioned skills.