A Simplified Guide For Using Online Contact Directories

An average consumer uses at least a dozen of products and services on a daily basis. For a number of these products/services, people need support from the brand. Quite obviously, it is important to have direct access to the concerned company’s hotline number. Unfortunately, information related to brand contact numbers isn’t sorted rightly. For example, if you have five credit cards, it is almost impossible to remember the helpline number of each brand, and it may take a lot of time to find the right number at the right time.

This is precisely where online directories come handy. An online directory is much similar to your printed telephone directory, except for the fact that the services are better and more feature-oriented. Most directories like also offer a call forwarding feature, which allows the user to call the concerned number for a fixed/pre-decided cost per minute. If you are looking for a directory for regular use, we have enlisted some quick tips for help.

Things to check

  • A good online directory is usually updated on a regular basis. However, every website follows a different set of norms, so make sure that you check this aspect. Unless you have access to recent contacts and numbers, such services make no sense at all.

  • Secondly, the cost of call forwarding should be reasonable. People use such features to reduce the whole pain of copying and saving numbers, and therefore, the costing should be effective for the services offered.
  • Look for a directory that’s not promoted. Of course, these portals may have advertisements and promotional campaigns, but you don’t want to use a website that’s full of just ads. Professional sites follow a ‘no-nonsense’ policy when it comes to listing contacts and businesses.
  • It is also important to see if the website has a mobile app. If you are a frequent mobile user, probably you don’t use your browser that often. Apps are handy and very easy to use, since you can get information in a few taps.

  • Finally, you need a portal that has invested well in its customer care. For example, if you are unable to find a number or need an answer for a query, you must be able to call the online directory for help.

Do take a note the privacy policy of the website. Eventually, no one wants to expose their personal details while using such services.