A CPA’s Basic Guide To Continuing Professional Education

Obtaining your CPA license is just one part of starting your career. In a number of professions, including accounting, continuing education is must, both for meeting statutory requirements and enhancing career options. Accounting practices and tax norms change every year, and CPAs are required to follow the developments through various AICPA CPE Courses. If you are unsure of the different aspects, we have mentioned the important things right below.

The basics                                                    

Continuing Professional Education is a must for CPAs to renew their licenses. However, the requirements vary by state in the US. For example, a vast number of states require an average of 40 hours of continuing education per calendar year, while Wisconsin CPAs don’t need any CPE. You can complete your compulsory CPE hours by attending webinars and live seminars, or else, you can choose to opt for self-study materials, which are readily available online. Some states may have a cap on the number of credits obtained through self-study format, so make sure to check the latest developments. Experts advise CPAs on checking and reviewing their state requirements periodically to avoid cancellation of license. You can choose to check the website of AICPA, to follow the latest regulations for due compliance.

Finding online courses

Once you have figured out the CPE requirements of your state, you have to make a choice between online and traditional classroom courses. Take your time before taking a call, because you need to find and review the best CPA courses. Most accountants don’t have the time for attending seminars and traditional courses, which is why they rely heavily on online programs. There are many websites, and you can read About Cpethink and similar portals on the web. Online programs are superior because of pricing and better updates. You don’t need to skip your job and can learn according to your convenience. Do note that CPE is not just about meeting the requirements of your state. It is also about enhancing your options as a professional. As an accountant, you can explore more career opportunities and expand the avenues as a professional.

Since you cannot skip the license renewal, it is advisable to make regular time for CPE courses. Don’t wait until the last minute to get your credits. Missing credits can lead to direct license suspension and even revocation in some cases. For any confusions, check online for information to talk to fellow accountants for information.